Part Saze consulting engineering company, active in the field of structural design and consulting, as well as the manufacturer of TADAS dampers, with an experienced technical and scientific team, including academic university faculty members, operates in the following two professional and special fields:

  • Design and implementation of structure vibration control system using dampers, especially TADAS damper:

TADAS Damper produced in Part Saze Company on February 15, 2014 as a Knowledge enterprise product in the form of earthquake energy depleting systems, approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology and in the same year under the necessary load tests at the Road, Housing Research Center and urban planning and succeeded in obtaining a technical certificate from this center. According to this approval, TADAS Damper manufactured by Part Saze Company can be used both in the retrofitting of existing buildings and in the construction of new buildings.

Structure control methods are usually divided into the following four categories based on the way the system works:

  • Active control methods.
  • Semi-active control methods.
  • Passive control methods.
  • Combined or dual control methods.

Many techniques, including the use of seismic isolators, some dampers such as TADAS, Viscous, frictional, cyclic and viscoelastic dampers, are considered a subset of passive control methods.

Today, structures control tools are increasingly used in earthquake-prone and leading countries in the construction industry, such as the United States of America, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, etc.; In such a way that nowadays in a country like Japan, few projects are built without the use of structural control systems, and this has decreased the losses caused by earthquakes in that country.

  • Design and implementation of structural health monitoring systems:

Non-destructive evaluation of health status or structural damage is the subject of the modern science of structural health monitoring.

Part Saze Company, as the exclusive representative of VCE Austria (, which with a strong resume and implementation of more than 6000 projects in 69 countries and 1000 health monitoring projects, is one of the few companies with advanced technology of structural health monitoring in the world. , is ready to use very accurate sensors and performing non-destructive evaluation operations on all structures, including important buildings, government buildings, crisis prevention and management centers, hospitals, hotels, stadiums and sports halls, large shopping centers and buildings with a high number of residents, platforms, piers and marine structures, bridges , tunnels, dams, power plants and sensitive military and civilian structures as well as historical places and buildings with completely scientific and engineering methods to prepare and present the following information to the respected employers:

  1. Continuous review and evaluation of the health and safety status of the structure automatically and continuously without stopping the operation.
  1. Quick and timely identification and determination of damage points in the structure (location and percentage of damage) that cannot be seen by visual inspection, and thus making it possible to prevent the spread and spread of damage.
  1. Presenting retrofitting plans and checking the effectiveness of retrofitting plans on the real structure after retrofitting.
  1. Updating the finite element model of the structure to match the real structure, which provides more effective designs in the retrofitting or improvement process.
  1. Announcing the warning before the structure's failure, as well as determining the escape routes and safe points of the structure in times of crisis such as earthquakes, strong winds, war, etc.
  1. Estimation and evaluation of the remaining useful life of the structure.
  1. Determining automatically whether the structure is safe or not after strong forces are applied to the structure.