21c Infrastructure Solutions has an exclusive license to the world leading structural health monitoring technology, BRIMOS, for the Australian and New Zealand region.   BRIMOS has been developed by the European consulting group, VCE (Vienna Consulting Engineers) and has been used on over 1000 projects, across 62 different countries.  These projects include road bridges, rail bridges,  buildings, stadiums, chimneys, offshore structures, marine structures and cooling towers.


BRIMOS is a high quality, technologically advanced system, which provides a wide range of specialist services, including:


                           - Cable monitoring

                           - Mobile or "hot spot" monitoring

                           - In depth monitoring of structures

                           - Permanent monitoring

                           - Life cycle anlaysis


A unique benefit of BRIMOS is that it includes all aspects of structural health monitoring, however, it is predominately centred around dynamic monitoring. When the full scale test measurements from the monitoring technology are combined with existing inspecton systems and finite element analysis, it provides powerful information that is used to make objective and informed decisions about the management of the structural asset.  This includes the ranking of structures for rehabilitation or the priortisation of maintenance activities on a specific structure.

Another significant benefit of BRIMOS technology, is that it is fast, highly informative, non invasive, cost effective and does not disrupt the operation of the asset.





All forms of measurement are included with the BRIMOS system, including dynamic parameters, displacements, settlement, stress, strain, wind speeds, seismic acitivty and temperatures.